Clear Lake Citizen of the Year

Nominees may be any resident of Clear Lake whom you or your organization feel has served the community in a special way. A person’s contribution in a special way. A person’s contribution to the community may be described in terms of truth fairness, goodwill and friendship. If you or your organization has nominated someone in the past that was not selected, please consider nominating them again. We have several worthy nominees each year but can only select one per year.

The award has been renamed in honor of long time member William L. Nicholas.

Thank you all for your help and support.

Nomination Form

Download and mail in your nomination or fill out the form below. Nominations are open from September 22 through October 17, 2022.

This form is currently closed for submissions. Please be thinking of who you would like to submit for Citizen of the Year next year!

Our Past and Present Honorees

1990Marlys VanHorn2007Laurence Frederickson
1991Tom Lincoln2008James R. Larson
1992John Perkins2009Mary R. Woerner
1993Gene Madson2010Diane L. Thompson
1994Jeff Nicholas2011Robert F. Ingersoll
1995Jim Ransom2012Donald P. Christ
1996Dean Snyder2013David L. Theiss
1997Lud Wangberg2014Judy Lincicum
1998Dr. Robert Huntington2015Marcia Grabinski
1999Marius Perkins2016Janice “Jan” Fynskov
2000Dr. Robert Borgman2017Dennis L. Keith
2001Dano Morf2018Rev. Den Hess
2002Craig Rule2019Denni Erickson
2003Gary Mrosko2020Beth Ann Schumacher
2004Ron Andrews2021Eldon Vine
2005Kirk Kraft2022Scott Flory
2006Donna Dull